Air conditioner idea sharing

- Mar 26, 2019-

The installation of central air conditioning vents is necessary. After people's research and development, most of them are now made of ABS material. It is not only beautiful, but also easy to construct. It has a long service life. Aluminum and solid materials are also used in some places. Production. The size of the vents is flexible. It needs to consider the size of the indoor unit, and also consider the indoor environment. If it is not designed properly, it will affect the speed of the airflow. Sometimes the source of noise is also due to improper design of the vents.

The installation of the central air-conditioning vent is very professional. It is the premise of the installation of the entire air-conditioning system. It is the basic work that must be done. It must be completed before the painting work.

In addition, during the use, the cleaning of the vents should be carried out frequently. With the high frequency of the air conditioner, there will be a lot of dust and dirt generated here, which will not only affect the external beauty, but also affect the temperature and effect of the incoming and outgoing air.

The above is an introduction to the knowledge of central air conditioning vents. It can be said that as an end device, it plays an important role in the air movement process. Not only should you follow the formal operation skills during installation, but also check and clean them in the subsequent use, so that the vents can function better.

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