Air conditioning tuyere

- Dec 23, 2020-

Style of tuyere

1. Louver style

The first is a double-layer design, and many air outlets will use this style, and the second is a single-layer design, which is characterized by up and down adjustment, so it is very convenient. Finally, the self-hanging style has a good isolation effect and an obvious one-way check effect.

2. Strip tuyere

The fixed design cannot be moved randomly, so it is particularly suitable for the ceiling position.

3. Spherical adjustable air outlet

It is very different from the fixed air outlet. The main feature is that it presents a nozzle-type design, which is best used in combination with a valve. It is more suitable for use in larger areas, such as airports.

4. Diffuser

This is a very typical air outlet design. Its design mode is very flexible and easy to disassemble, so it is suitable for many occasions, and it is also people's favorite device.

5. Swirl air outlet

Its characteristic is the form of rotating jet, which can be used in both low space and high space.