Air conditioning knowledge

- Sep 17, 2019-

Air conditioning knowledge - know the air conditioning

Air conditioning function

Cool down

In the design and manufacture of air conditioners, it is generally allowed to control the temperature between 16 and 32 °C. If the temperature is set too low, on the one hand, increase unnecessary power consumption, on the other hand, when the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor is too large, people can not adapt to temperature changes quickly when entering or leaving the room, and are prone to catch a cold.


The air conditioner is accompanied by dehumidification during the cooling process. People feel that the relative humidity of the environment should be around 40~60%. When the relative humidity is too high, such as above 90%, even if the temperature is within the comfort range, people still feel bad.

Warming up

Both the heat pump type and the electric type air conditioner have a temperature rising function. The heating capacity gradually decreases with the decrease of the outdoor ambient temperature. If the temperature is -5 °C, the heating requirement can hardly be met.

Purifying air

The air contains a certain amount of harmful gases such as NH3, SO2, etc., as well as various odors such as sweat odor, body odor and bath odor.

Air conditioner purification methods include: changing fresh air, filtering, using activated carbon or photocatalyst adsorption and absorption.

A. Change the fresh air: Use the fan system to discharge the indoor humid air to the outside, so that the room forms a certain degree of negative pressure. The fresh air enters the room from the surrounding door seams and window slits to improve the indoor air quality.

B. Photocatalyst: It can be regenerated under the irradiation of light, and the harmful substances such as ammonia, nicotine, acetic acid and hydrogen sulfide adsorbed (received) can be released and reused.

Increase air negative ion concentration

The concentration of charged particles in the air can affect the comfort of the human body. The installation of a negative ion generator on the air conditioner can increase the air anion, make the environment more comfortable, and have certain medical effects on lowering blood pressure and suppressing asthma.