Air conditioning weather louver for air outlet

- Sep 17, 2019-

Single layer weather louver (aluminum alloy)

The single-layer adjustable louver grille is often used for suction and air supply in pipelines. At the same time, it can be equipped with a herringbone gate (multi-leaf split control valve) according to the actual situation to control the air volume or install the aluminum alloy filter for supporting use. . The blades can be divided into horizontal and vertical, and can be flexed left and right or up and down to control the airflow direction.

The difference between single-layer louver grille and double-layer weather louver

The direction of the airflow adjustment of the single-layer louver tuyere is one-dimensional, not one of the horizontal direction or the vertical direction. However, the airflow adjustment direction of the double-layer louver tuyere is two-dimensional, and the horizontal left and right are vertically upper and lower. Directions.

Single-layer louver air outlet

This series of products are usually installed on pipes or side walls for side air supply openings. Double-layer louver air outlets have two layers of movable blades with adjustable angles. The short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the airflow, and can also be used to change the direction of the airflow. Adjusting the long blades allows the airflow to be attached to the ceiling or to a certain angle of inclination (when the warm air is supplied). The outer blades of the double-sided louver or the blades of the single-layer louver can be parallel to the long side or parallel. On the short side, you can choose according to the customer's request.

Single layer weather louver features

1, single-layer adjustable blade, can get different air supply distance and different diffusion angle

2, can be used as air supply and return air

3, optional aluminum or iron production

4. Use with the regulating valve separately for the air supply port

5, can be made into an open structure for the return air, and used with the filter