Air diffusers material

- Dec 02, 2020-

There are two common air diffusers materials: one is ABS air diffuser and the other is aluminum alloy air diffuser. There are pros and cons to each of the two outlets. The ABS air outlet is made of ABS engineering materials, which is not more prone to condensation. However, the material has a certain coefficient of thermal expansion and contraction, so it may squeak during use, and the air outlet may also produce lighter arching when the temperature is low in winter. The tuyere will turn yellow after a long time of use, making it easier to clean. The aluminum alloy tuyere has the advantage that it is not easy to deform or change color. However, because the heat transfer rate of aluminum alloy is very fast, it is more prone to condensation during summer use. In serious cases, water droplets will be produced. The two types of tuyere have their own characteristics, and everyone can select them according to their own market needs.

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