Air grilles in fresh air system

- Dec 08, 2020-

With the continuous development of society, the quality of life of many people has not improved much, and more people will pay attention to air quality issues. The air quality in some cities is really significantly worse. Smog weather is very common. Living in this environment for a long time, the body has also suffered a lot of harm. Air purification is gradually being paid attention to by more users, and the fresh air system also appears in everyone's field of vision.

1. Reduce carbon dioxide content

I personally feel that this is the most useful function, because it can be said that among the various material contents of the entire air, people are most sensitive to changes in carbon dioxide content, not oxygen as everyone thinks. Generally, the content of carbon dioxide in the outdoor environment is 300-500ppm, and people will start to feel a little dull/palpitations above 2000ppm, dizziness at 5000ppm, and confusion/breathing will stop if they exceed 6000ppm.

This value does not have any effect on the human body, but it will affect your sleep quality in the second half of the night, making your sleep in the second half of the night become garbage and unable to enter deep sleep. The result is that your body is not fully rested. For teenagers, the secretion of growth hormone is also small.


2. Keep indoor air

There are many bacteria in the air in the room that are easy to deposit. Effective ventilation can prevent the continuous deposition of bacteria in the air, especially for the master bedroom, because the growth of bacteria in the bedding will affect the comfort of night sleep. It is more difficult to get you from one sleep cycle to another.

The removal of pm2.5 can further improve the indoor air quality, and a lower pm2.5 value can better protect the health of the family’s lungs and throat. These are all subtle changes in the long term.


3. Remove formaldehyde/benzene and other harmful substances

It has a good effect on removing the formaldehyde from the room before check-in, because the volatilization of formaldehyde is the highest when the temperature is above 30 degrees / the humidity is 70%, so if you need to quickly discharge the formaldehyde, you can close the windows and turn on the fresh air system. A device that emits hot indoors and a humidifier at the same time, so that the fastest long-term formaldehyde emission state can continuously promote the emission of formaldehyde and keep the ventilation without deposit.

After moving in, the hourly ventilation can also reduce the deposition of formaldehyde and benzene, making the indoor air healthier.

The role of the fresh air system is still more, if you want to continue to understand, you can check the relevant content, so that you can have a more comprehensive understanding of the fresh air system.

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