Aluminum air diffuser material selection considerations

- Sep 03, 2019-

The aluminum alloy tuyere is a tuyere made of aluminum alloy. When the swirl tuy is working, the air is rotated in a spiral shape to generate a relatively high induction ratio, so that the air supply is rapidly mixed with the surrounding indoor air. Different from the traditional diffuser, the air outlets of the swirling tuyere are arranged in a radial direction, and the air supply in the air duct is guided by the swirling air outlet to form a jet along the tangential direction, and the air supply of the entire air outlet is in multiple strands. Under the action of the jet, a vortex like a typhoon is generated. The central region of the eddy current forms a negative pressure zone, which induces the surrounding indoor air to be rapidly mixed with the air supply, and the entire air supply airflow is in a stable horizontal diffusion flow state. Its induction ratio is 10 to 20 times that of a conventional diffuser.


    It is better not to install a light trough at the air outlet of the air conditioner at the air outlet of the aluminum alloy. It is easy to block the hot air flow from reaching the active area of the person and affecting the heating effect.


    The aluminum alloy tuyere refers to the tuyere made of aluminum alloy. There are many kinds of tuyere materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, ABS, wood, etc., then what should be paid attention to when selecting the material.

Aluminum alloy tuyere secondary oxidation coating all-aluminum alloy structure, stainless steel plate, galvanized steel plate material rainproof, fireproof for any climatic conditions, and can be assembled into large-scale blinds, the overall to achieve the large air flow and best The muffling characteristics of the moving blades are sandwiched with a sound-absorbing material interposed between the interlayers.

Since the materials of the aluminum alloy tuyere structure are all made of aluminum alloy, and special processing technology, the sound-absorbing blinds can be used under any climatic conditions, and the deformation of the bottom frame and the louver can effectively prevent the top frame, the bottom frame and the hundred The blade and the sides of the frame are deformed.

The aluminum alloy tuyere can minimize the airflow transmission resistance and reduce the noise. The anechoic louvers assembled into a series of aluminum alloy vents according to the modulus can be sprayed with various colors on the outside of the anechoic lobes.