Aluminum air diffuser types

- Sep 05, 2019-

Aluminum air outlet air supply class:

Double louver outlet

   Generally used as the air supply port, it can also be directly used with the fan coil, widely used in the end of the centralized air conditioning system, and can also be used with the multi-leaf regulating valve to adjust the air volume.

Single layer louver

   The wind direction can be adjusted up and down, and the air return port can be used together with the tuyere filter screen, and the segment angle can be adjusted. When the fixed filter is cleaned, the filter can be taken out on the slide. After cleaning, push it in from the slide and continue to use it.

Side wall grille

   It is often used for the return of the washroom, the bathroom, the decoration of the elevator, the pipe mouth and the inspection port.

Openable side wall grille tuyere

   The entire tuyere is in the form of a flap, and the shutter and the bezel switch are free to facilitate the installation and use of the filter, and are often used for the return air of the guest room.

Fixed blade oblique air supply

   According to the use place, one-way oblique air supply or two-way oblique air supply can be adopted, and the blade arrangement form is divided into the following two types: the air outlet is novel in design and beautiful in appearance, and can be used as a supply air or as a return air, and thus The unit can be equipped with a multi-leaf split control valve and a filter.