Aluminum air gilles features

- Apr 14, 2020-

Aluminum alloy louver is an upgraded product of traditional fixed single-layer rainproof louver. After incorporating the ingenious design, in addition to retaining the ventilation performance of the original louver, the blade of the louver also has an adjustable rotating activity function, and the user can adjust the blade angle according to the actual use. The unique hollow double-layer flat blade design makes the aluminum alloy flat louver more functions such as shading, ventilation, heat preservation, sealing, rainproof, fire prevention, anti-theft and so on. The transmission mode can be manual or electric. Electric control can be divided into switches, remote control, fire linkage, air conditioning linkage and wind, rain and other controls. Aluminum alloy ventilation shutters not only meet the quality requirements of people for energy-saving doors and windows, but also greatly change the quality of people's activity environment.

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