Aluminum roof fan structure and installation steps

- Sep 03, 2019-

Aluminum roof fan manufacturers mainly have all-metal structure and glass steel structure. The all-metal structure roof fan is made of steel, the air duct and the foundation are welded by thick hot-rolled steel plate, and the rain-proof cap is welded by cold-rolled steel plate. After the anti-rust paint is applied, the surface is painted or painted.

From a number of engineering practical proof: due to the harsh roof air environment, especially after the plum rain season, the steel structure is partially corroded, reflecting the anti-corrosion ability of the steel structure rain cap is not ideal, seriously affecting the service life of the roof fan and Beautiful.

Aluminum roof fan manufacturers can solve the problem of corrosion well, but the air cylinder and the frame part are subjected to long-term operation and wind, sun and rain, which are easy to aging and fall off, causing accidents caused by the falling of the air cylinder and the motor.


Aluminum roof fan manufacturer installation steps

1. A 5mm rubber plate is placed between the fan base and the foundation to reduce vibration. The anchor bolts should be equipped with spring washers to prevent loosening during use.

2. Before commissioning, the components of the fan should be inspected in detail. The rotating impeller should be free of sluggishness and card and rubbing.

3. At the beginning of the test run, first check the motor to check whether the direction of rotation of the impeller is correct (see the impeller should turn counterclockwise downward).

4. There should be no abnormality during test operation or normal use. The voltage, current, vibration and noise should be within the normal range.

5. In operation, if the following conditions are encountered, stop immediately, find out the cause, and start after the fault is eliminated.

1 Strong vibration

2 The noise suddenly increases or makes an abnormal noise

3 motor smokes white smoke

4 The temperature rise of the motor and housing is too high.

6. When the damper is an electric damper, open the damper first when the fan is turned on; when closing, first turn off the fan and then close the damper.

7. Start operation for 72 hours and every half year should check whether the fan connector and fasteners are loose, adjust the transmission belt to be tight, and add lubricating oil (fat).

8. After long-term shutdown, it should be re-inspected according to the debugging method and put into normal operation.