Ceiling air grilles

- Sep 23, 2020-

The central air-conditioning air outlet is the terminal equipment used for air supply and return air in the central air-conditioning system, and is a kind of air distribution equipment. With the continuous development of modern science and technology, people’s requirements for air-conditioned rooms, factories and office places are getting higher and higher. Various diffusers have been fully utilized in air-conditioned rooms, factories and office places, but the existing diffusers The tuyere is only a separate air outlet and return air function, the blades cannot be adjusted flexibly, and the direction and size of the airflow cannot be controlled. The shape design is simple, which is prone to aesthetic fatigue, and the internal assembly structure and installation structure of the existing diffuser tuyere are relatively compared It is complicated. It is necessary to make a hole on the ceiling during installation, and then install the tuyere in the hole through the screw, resulting in a height difference between the tuyere and the ceiling, which affects the appearance, and the installation requires multiple steps to complete. The additional cost and labor higher cost.