Central air conditioning vents

- Dec 23, 2020-

The correct installation and design of central air-conditioning is very important, especially the selection, design and installation of vents. We know that there are many different classifications of central air-conditioning vents. Let me first explain the basic knowledge of vents.

Basic knowledge of central air conditioning vents

The installation of central air conditioning vents is necessary. After people’s research and development, most of them are now made of ABS. It is not only beautiful, but also easy to construct, and has a long service life. Some places will also use aluminum alloy and solid wood. Make. The size of the vent setting is more flexible. It needs to consider the size of the indoor unit and the indoor environment. If it is not designed properly, it will affect the airflow speed. Sometimes the source of noise is also improperly designed vents.

The installation of the central air-conditioning vent is very professional. It is the prerequisite for the installation of the entire air-conditioning system. It is the basic work that must be done, and it must be completed before the painting work.

In addition, during use, the vents should be cleaned frequently. With the high frequency use of the air conditioner, a lot of dust and dirt will be generated here, which will not only affect the external appearance, but also affect the temperature and effect of the inlet and outlet air.