Cleaning method of double-layer louver grille

- Apr 16, 2020-

double layer louver

Removal of the remaining cleaning agent: The double-layer louver tuyere is greatly affected by direct sunlight due to its application intention. Residual cleaning agent will constitute cleaning agent contamination, and it is necessary to remove it thoroughly. Things to watch out for when it is dry: the double-layer louver tuyere blades cannot be completely dry when they are closed. The surface of the leaf is painted through, and if it is not boring, scaly peeling will occur. Water droplets on the surface of the leaves should be removed and then completely dried. Otherwise, there will be round stains.


Make up for lubricating oil: when cleaning the entire double-layer louver tuyere with a cleaning agent, the lubricating oil is washed off due to the action of the surface active agent. After it is boring, it is necessary to lubricate the pulley part inside the chassis. Commercially available CRC-551 lubricant spray can be used for refueling. Matters needing attention in operation: The blades of the double louver tuyere are getting thinner and thinner (0.22 ~ 0.15mm). Be careful not to break. Be careful of the cable stoppers. There are occasions when the blade cuts the finger, so it is necessary to wear gloves.


Waste liquid treatment: It is necessary to fully consider the treatment of waste liquid after cleaning the double-layer louver tuyere. Punctuality protection: The double-layer louver tuyere is generally dedusted once every six months and cleaned once a year. For the mechanized cleaning of vertical and roller blind double louver tuyere, it is still mainly manual operation.