Exterior wall insulation material - glass wool

- Apr 25, 2019-

IMG_5307_副本Thermal insulation materials and products are an important factor affecting building energy efficiency. After the 1970s, foreign countries generally paid attention to the production of insulation materials and their application in construction, and strived to reduce energy consumption by a large amount, thereby reducing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect.

       Although China started later in this technology, but after hard work, many products from scratch, from single to diversified, from low to high quality, have formed expanded perlite, mineral wool, glass wool insulation blanket, foam Plastics, refractory fibers, calcium silicate insulation products, etc. are mainly a variety of industries.

        According to the data, there are six categories of thermal insulation materials, and there are only 9 kinds of external thermal insulation materials. Among them, polyurethane materials are internationally good thermal insulation materials, but they are also flammable materials. One of the most widely used materials in the market.