Fiberglass Insulation Price

- Apr 29, 2020-

How much is for Fiberglass Insulation Price as per square meter? It is also depending on the density and thickness. If laminate some materials, big different on theFiberglass Insulation Price. Welcome contact with us for wholesale price.

  • According to the physical principle, the thermal conductivity of the gas is small, and there are many air holes inside the excellent heat-breaking material.

  • small thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation performance, 25mm-100mm thick glass fiber insulation cotton (insulation cotton, sound-absorbing cotton) insulation effect, equivalent to phenolic resin as a binder 50mm thick centrifugal glass wool.

  • The surface is processed into a strip shape by laminating aluminum foil, which can be used for heat preservation and protection of hot and cold pipelines and underground pipelines.

  • will not burnThe main component of glass fiber is silicide (more than 50%), which is non-flammable, non-deformable, and non-brittle.

  • sound absorption is good

  • high insulation

  • high corrosion resistance

  • good recovery

  • low moisture absorption rate

  • light weight, soft

  • simple construction

Glasswool Board Specification
Density (kg/m3)Thickness (m)
Length (m)Width (m)Pcs/Packing