Fiberglass wool blanket usage

- Nov 17, 2020-

Glass wool blanket, glass wool roll felt, glass wool fiberboard and roll blanket are suitable for heat insulation, sound absorption, ventilated broadcasting room, anechoic room and noise absorption of noise workshop, sound absorption, silence, and silencing of noise workshop and noise workshop Vibration; computer room, cold storage insulation; and aircraft, ships, trains, cars, heat insulation, heat preservation and noise reduction, is an ideal material for pipeline insulation, and is widely used in air conditioning. At the same time, glass wool blanket is also an ideal thermal insulation material for metal structures. It has the characteristics of light weight, compressibility, high strength and high elasticity. It is a kind of high-efficiency thermal insulation, anti-condensation and transmission.

Sound-controlled products.

Glass wool blanket is a roll material made to meet the needs of large-area laying. In addition to maintaining the characteristics of thermal insulation, it also has excellent shock absorption and sound absorption characteristics. In particular, it has a good absorption effect on medium and low frequency and various vibration noises, which is beneficial to reduce noise pollution and improve the working environment. This material can be used in construction and can be tailored as needed. It is mainly used in building interiors, noise reduction systems, and traffic. The effect of shock absorption, sound absorption and noise reduction of tools, refrigeration equipment and household appliances is very ideal.

fiberglass wool blanket