Glass cotton function

- Aug 24, 2018-

Glass cotton role really many, and these action affects the level of more or less, for example, good use of time is much longer than normal, so the price is a lot more expensive than normal, and its size is also affect the price of it for one reason, of course, the price is more expensive.

This kind of glass wool can see them in many places, such as many beautiful on the external walls of buildings, because this material is made of glass fiber, so with general materials, there are a lot of difference, such as its insulation fire is very good, but for now the noise of the people hate, because of its material, also have very good protection effect.

Another advantage of the glass cotton we use is that it is not easily corroded by air oxidation. The quality of the glass fiber manufactured by the manufacturer strictly conforms to the national standard, and the weight is also satisfying the requirements, which will definitely not harm everyone's safety.