Heat preservation effect of glass wool

- Aug 24, 2018-

We need in addition to the thick cotton-padded clothes in cold winter to royal against the cold outside there should be a comfortable warm home can, but just rely on the central heating is not enough, because our house is also need to heat preservation, and the best heat preservation material for outdoor glass wool, because glass cotton is made from glass fiber has good heat preservation, so in a lot of tall buildings will adopt this kind of glass wool do outside walls, the purpose is to bring warmth to our home.

Because glass cotton has very good formability, so everybody can be cut arbitrarily according to need, need how much need what shape we can do. In addition, it also has the characteristics of anti-bacterial and anti-aging, which is very beneficial for us to guarantee the quality of environmental sanitation. In addition, its physical properties are also very stable, so this also determines its versatility. As we can see, it can be used for our public facilities, for shopping malls, sports fields and so on.

Glass cotton in the building materials market there are many kinds of colors, so you can choose according to their own love different colors to decorate our house, and there is some with embossed glass wool, this with embossed glass cotton can be decorated the house inside, there is still a sound-absorbing effect, and so on building materials market glass cotton has a very important position.