How to choose air conditioning diffuser?

- Sep 08, 2020-

1. The diffuser selects the main control parameter tuyere type. Material, specification, outlet wind speed, total pressure loss and air flow range, etc.

2. The materials of the diffuser are mainly plastic, steel and aluminum alloy.

3. Selection points

 1) According to the characteristics of the project and the type of airflow organization required. Adjust the performance and air supply method, etc., and select the corresponding air outlet type.

2) According to the required air volume [supply air or exhaust (return) air], determine the size of the required air outlet within the allowable wind speed range of the air outlet neck (or the inlet and outlet section of the air outlet). If the size of the tuyere is determined according to the wind speed of the tuyere (generally 2~5m/s), the effective area rate of the tuyere should be considered (generally 30%~60%).

3) Check the main technical performance of the selected tuyere. Such as range, pressure loss, noise indicators, and wind speed and temperature difference in the work area.

4) Determine the layout and installation method of the selected tuyere and the connection method to the air duct.