How to choose air conditioning vents

- Sep 01, 2020-

(1) Aluminum alloy: Air-conditioning vents made of aluminum alloy materials have a relatively stable structure and surface properties, strong and durable, rich in metallic luster, and the manufacturer's targeted carving can present a variety of styles. . However, it should be noted that the thermal conductivity of the aluminum alloy air-conditioning vent is relatively high, so the temperature changes greatly, and it is easy to form condensation on the surface during the process of receiving cold air, and it needs to be cleaned in time.

(2) Wood: Air-conditioning vents made of wooden materials are more classically beautiful, especially if the home decoration style is natural and retro, the use of wooden air-conditioning vents will be more coordinated. The processing of wooden air-conditioning vents is relatively simple, and there are many styles, but the structure is not as stable as aluminum alloy. If the temperature difference is relatively large, sometimes it is easy to crack and deform.

(3) ABS: ABS material is a new type of resin material. It will not condense like aluminum alloy air-conditioning vents, and will not crack and deform like wooden air-conditioning vents, so it is of very good quality. The air-conditioning vent. However, due to the high production cost of ABS air conditioning vents, everyone is prohibitive when buying ABS air conditioning vents.

After understanding the above three air-conditioning vents, you must be more knowledgeable about choosing air-conditioning vents in the future.