How to Install Glass Wool Insulation

- Aug 29, 2019-

How to Install Glass Wool Insulation

The main production process of glass wool is: the mixture of various raw materials in a certain proportion is melted into molten glass in the melting furnace, and the molten glass forms a stable liquid flow through the front furnace platinum leakage plate, and then flows through the spinning machine to reach The side wall has a small hole in a high-speed rotating centrifuge. Under the action of centrifugal force, the molten glass is twisted into primary fibers. Thereafter, under the action of the mixed gas sprayed at a high speed, the primary fiber is pulled into a glass fiber, and the glass fiber is sprayed with the binder while being lowered, and then compacted, solidified, cross-cut, and slit. Form a certain specification of the product, after the zui compression bundle, packing and packaging

Construction installation method
The installation method of glass wool felt for steel structure is usually used to lay the steel structure with glass wool in the direction perpendicular to the purlin and from the end wall to the purlin.

Application field
1. Insulation and sound absorbing material for roof (50kg/m3).
2. Building insulation materials.
3. Sound absorption processing of places (movies, KTV...) and equipment, (computer, air compressor...).
4. Insulation of air conditioning pipes, frozen and refrigerated warehouses.
Glass wool felt has a large amount of tiny air voids, which makes it a function of thermal insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction and safety protection. It is a material for building thermal insulation and sound absorption and lowering.
Glass wool standard, construction and installation method
1. Unique technology, the rebound rate after compression packaging is 99.2%.
2. Soft and slender fiberglass Zui minimizes the generation of fly ash during construction.
3. Sound absorption and noise reduction can effectively prevent sound transmission.
4. A1 grade non-combustible material, simple construction, free cutting.
5. Antibacterial and anti-mild, anti-aging, anti-corrosion to ensure a healthy environment, low moisture absorption, stable physical properties.

There are many projects in the glass wool felts that need to be discussed and customized during the construction. This article mainly describes some construction methods of glass wool felts, what kind of materials are needed during the construction process, and what points are needed during the construction process. Remember and learn, take a look.
1. Construction method
Process: Base layer of the wall - Water vapor barrier - Elastic line split - Set vertical tail - Fin horizontal grade - Fill sound absorbing panels - Sealed fiberglass dust - Install aluminum mesh - Layered, angled aluminum - Quality control.
In the case of concrete walls, you can immediately apply a layer of 1.5 mm thick layer of polyurethane waterproof coating. In the case of wall, the unit should clean the surface of the 20 thick cement mortar 1:3, and then apply a layer of waterproof coating.
According to the height of each room's construction, set it up to (see waterproof and floor tiles and walls should be set to reserve or close the base) light steel keel, the top of the keel corresponds to the creation of heaven and earth (if not breaking the ground) The ridges can be fixed directly to the ground and ceiling light steel keels or dowels, and then the keels are mounted with a 600mm pitch or studs. After the keel is installed, it is mounted on the vertical transverse keel fin gap, and the horizontal and vertical tails are filled with sound-absorbing cotton elements that are a flat horizontal surface of the keel. The light is bonded to the metal frame to join the keel steel frame glass and then sealed and the VERSAMAT aluminum meshing rack is mounted on the metal frame to hold the pressure-fixed aluminum mesh aluminum rivet. The distance between the glass wool felts is bidirectional 600*1200 mm and the aluminum alloy doors and windows are closed.

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