How to install the air conditioning air diffusers?

- Apr 30, 2020-

Installation is also a very important part of the central air-conditioning air outlet. Generally speaking, the air outlet should be installed in advance, that is, it must be installed when the cover is not painted, so that even if the wall is spent, the problem is not big, and there is the shutter and the wall There must be a certain gap between them, the air outlet is installed, and then the paint is painted to fill the gaps in it, so as to achieve integration.

Precautions for installation of central air-conditioning vents

1. It is best not to install a light slot at the air outlet of the air conditioner. It is easy to block the hot air flow from reaching the personnel activity area and affect the heating effect.

2. According to experience and test data, the horizontal louver is adjusted to 45 degrees during winter heating, which is the most suitable angle. Too high or too low may affect the heating effect.

3. The air outlet of the central air conditioner is relatively large, and it is easy to accumulate dirt, which affects the temperature and appearance of the central air conditioner. The user should clean the air outlet of the central air conditioner regularly to keep the air outlet clean and ventilated.

The material of the air outlet of the central air conditioner is generally fixed, but it is not the only one. It can also be replaced by other materials. The important thing is that the material can be used longer. In addition, the installation of the air conditioner is a little more troublesome than the home air conditioner, so we have to learn the steps clearly, remember each step, especially the details, and pay more attention to it, because the air conditioner is connected to electricity, and accidents may occur if you are not careful. There are many installation matters for central air conditioning, and people must have enough patience to install.