How to maintain and clean the main components of environmental protection air conditioner

- Apr 21, 2020-

The environmental protection air conditioner contains many core systems, and the electronic system is the most vulnerable system, such as the water pump. Sometimes, when we use it for a long time, it will cause the water pump to be blocked by dirt. This is not only the effect of environmental protection air conditioning, but also Sometimes, the pump will be damaged. At this time, if we encounter some obvious conditions, we should check it, otherwise it will be worth the loss. Many people complain every day, why is the environmental protection air conditioner always bad, what is not bad? The key is to see how we maintain and maintain it. This is the most important point, just like the water pump we just said, this is a weakness of the environmental protection air conditioner. At this time, we need to protect and maintain this component. It is not easy to be damaged, and our environmental protection air conditioner will be used longer.

Method for cleaning environmental protection air conditioner filter:


①, first cut off the power;


②, open the panel (cabinet machine with air intake grille fixing screws should be removed first, then open the air intake grille);


③, take out the filter;


④, cleaning the filter (after removing dust with a brush-type vacuum cleaner, and then washing with clean water, when it is too dirty and oily, clean with detergent or neutral soapy water, filter with clean water, dry and install it);


⑤ 、 Be careful not to wash with hot water above 40 ℃.


3, plug in for 3-5 minutes, set the remote control in cooling mode, set the temperature to the lowest condition, and turn it on (it is best to test the machine at noon and afternoon).


4. After the air conditioner is running, set the wind speed switch of the remote control to operate in different gears, and observe whether there is abnormal noise in the internal machine.


5. Run the fan for about 15 minutes to observe whether the fan of the external machine is running normally and whether the external machine has abnormal noise.


6. After running for about 30 minutes, observe whether there is cold wind in the indoor unit, whether there is condensate in the outlet pipe of the outdoor unit, and whether the flowing water is smooth.