How to make aluminum alloy air outlet?

- Aug 11, 2020-

Nowadays, aluminum alloy air outlets are widely used as air outlets in the air conditioning system in the decoration of buildings and houses. According to the requirements of the equipment, an aluminum air volume regulating valve (herringbone gate) can be equipped behind the air outlet. The aluminum alloy air outlet has two layers of mutually perpendicular blades to adjust the level. The angle between the vertical blade and the airflow diffusion surface can be adjusted to change the range. It can be used in the ventilation system with special requirements.

The aluminum alloy louver tuyere series products are usually installed on the pipe or the side wall as a side air outlet. The aluminum alloy tuyere has two layers of adjustable angle movable blades. The short blades are used to adjust the diffusion angle of the air flow and can also be used to change the air flow. Direction: Adjusting the long blades can make the air flow attached to the ceiling or tilt down to a certain angle (when warm air is supplied). The outer blades of the aluminum alloy tuyere or the blades of the aluminum alloy tuyere can be parallel to the long side or parallel to the short side, which can be selected according to customer requirements.