Effect of Insulation material in HVAC system

- Mar 28, 2019-

It has been said that the main function of insulation materials is whether their insulation properties are good. The rubber-plastic insulation material belongs to the closed-cell structure, the cell integrity and density are uniform, and the cell density plays a decisive role in the insulation performance of the rubber-plastic insulation material. Some insulation materials companies in the market have begun to make great efforts in rubber and plastic foaming technology, adding a large amount of chemical components to the materials, allowing the products to be excessively foamed and expanding the cells to achieve good thermal insulation effect. The practice of foaming rate of plastic insulation materials is wrong. If the foaming is excessive, the cells are easily broken, the extrusion is easy to be deformed, the tear is easy, the installation is easily damaged, the water vapor is more easily entered, and the service life can be imagined.


The correct approach should be to increase the bubble closure rate, so that there are numerous completely independent cells that are not easily broken inside the material, so that the material will not be easily broken, and the water vapor penetration will be blocked to a greater extent and the service life will be prolonged. In addition to its excellent thermal insulation performance, the air conditioning insulation Dukane material has a softer texture and flexible insulation material, which is also convenient for cutting. Especially suitable for the special-shaped pipe structure, it can be perfectly fitted. It does not affect the appearance and is extremely convenient to install. There is no need to worry about the waste of materials and the increase of labor costs. Some insulation manufacturers are excessively pursuing the reduction of tear strength, giving people a softer product, which leads to the same product as ordinary sponges, without flexibility, let alone the installation of products, and some manufacturers are instead In order to achieve the purpose that the tearing product is not easily torn, the workmanship is reduced, resulting in dense skinning, which in turn leads to a decrease in the thermal insulation property of the product.

Insulation materials that take into account both insulation properties and tear strength are ideal air conditioning insulation materials and a direction for the future development of air conditioning materials.