Introduction and features of square manifolds

- Aug 24, 2018-

The advantages and scope of the square-shaped manifold (aluminum-alloy manifold): airflow is attached (flat) type, suitable for broadcasting room, hospital, theatre, classroom, concert hall, library, recreation, theater lounge, general office, shops, hotels and gymnasiums.

In order to make people in various environments to avoid noise interference and discomfort, in addition to the performance table to determine the neck wind speed, but also need to consider the installation height and installation occasions.

The square type diffuser develops on the basis of the aluminum alloy tuyere, its difference: The FK-10 is a square, the FK-31 is rectangular, the structure form is basically same. In order to get the ideal airflow distribution in the system, the square type of distributor should be used with the control valve when using the type of the manifold.

The blade angle of this tuyere is fixed and cannot be adjusted at will, and the whole blade and the frame are separated by a structure. (That is, the blades can be removed from the frame, installed after the frame and then loaded with blades), in order to facilitate installation and adjustment.