Pay attention to the arrangement of air diffuser when installing air conditioning

- Jun 23, 2020-

Experts say that our central air conditioner should pay attention to the layout of the air diffuser during installation, which has a direct impact on the effect of the central air conditioner air diffuser. Our staff need to perform in accordance with certain installation standards, the specific operating standards are as follows.

Selection of air conditioner terminal equipment. After the slit-shaped air diffuser is used in the room outside the air conditioner, the unevenness of the airflow organization of the air conditioner is greatly increased due to the limitation of the architectural shape, and the air supply effect is not as good as the diffuser. Generally, it is simplified to directly return air from the ceiling, and the air conditioning load increases accordingly. Therefore, when conditions permit, the model of the air conditioner fan coil or VAV box should be considered to be increased.