Plastic air diffuser single layer grill ABS

- Nov 20, 2019-

The single-layer adjustable louver tuyere is often used for suction and air supply in pipelines. At the same time, it can be equipped with a herringbone gate (multi-leaf split control valve) according to the actual situation to control the air volume or install a filter for supporting use. The blades can be divided into horizontal and vertical, and can be flexed left and right or up and down to control the airflow direction.

       The direction of airflow adjustment of the single-layer louver tuyere is one-dimensional, which can be designed to be adjusted horizontally in the horizontal direction, or in the vertical direction. However, the airflow adjustment direction of the double-sided louver tuyere is two-dimensional, with horizontal and horizontal Vertically up and down two directions.

●Please pay attention to the size when purchasing the product, determine whether it is the opening size or the surface size, so as to determine the product size.

●Single layer adjustable blade for different air supply distances and different diffusion angles

●Can be used as air supply and return air

●Optional aluminum or iron production

●Use with the regulating valve separately for the air supply port

●It can be made into an openable structure and used with the filter screen when it is a return air outlet.

● Product use range: office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, clubs, etc. . .