Precautions when using aluminum alloy tuyere

- Dec 08, 2020-

Precautions when using aluminum alloy tuyere

1. Magnesium oxide and magnesium chloride used in the processing of aluminum alloy tuyere should be stored properly, pay attention to fire prevention and not be exposed to direct sunlight. The useless magnesium oxide, magnesium chloride and material packaging containers should not be thrown away or incinerated at will, and should be piled up for disposal.

2. All the remaining materials and things at the end of the day should be put into the warehouse in time and not allowed to be placed randomly. 3. During construction, operations that require high lighting brightness and high noise should be arranged in the day as much as possible to reduce the power consumption of night construction lighting and the impact on surrounding residents.

 4. When manufacturing aluminum alloy air outlets on site, set up special fans or fans at the 1--2 meter interval of the cut channel to blow the dust generated during the cut to the open area with relatively good ventilation, and reduce the dust produced by the personnel. The inhalation and the effect on vision.

 5. For the transfer of aluminum alloy ducts, suitable labor should be arranged according to the volume and weight of different pipe sections. The processing site conditions allow it to be transported by flatbed trucks. Multi-person transfer of aluminum alloy tuyere must work hard together, handle gently, and pile up neatly.

 6. During processing, the aluminum alloy tuyere will have dust or fiber flying. The personnel who cut the aluminum alloy tuyere on site must wear special dust-proof goggles and masks to avoid inhalation of the fine dust generated during the cutting.