Residential central air conditioning

- Sep 16, 2020-

What are the characteristics of residential central air conditioners?

  A. Four seasons operation: In summer, the refrigeration unit operates to achieve cold adjustment; in winter, the chiller is used together with the heat source to achieve winter heating. In the spring and autumn seasons, fresh air can be used to directly supply air to achieve energy-saving and comfortable effects.

  B. Good comfort: The design method of centralized air-conditioning is adopted, with large air supply, small air supply temperature difference, and uniform room temperature. There are diversified air supply methods. Unlike split air conditioners, there is only one air supply method. Household central air conditioners can achieve multiple air supply methods, and can make different plans according to the specific conditions of the room to enhance the comfort of the human body.

  C. Good hygiene requirements: Like the central air conditioner, it can supply fresh air reasonably, cooperate with the exhaust air of the kitchen and bathroom to ensure the freshness and hygiene of the indoor air, and it can also ventilate all seasons to meet the hygiene requirements of the human body. These are not possible with split air conditioners.

  D. Beautiful appearance: According to user needs and preferences, a comprehensive solution from design to installation can be implemented. The system adopts concealed installation method, which can cooperate with high-end indoor decoration. At the same time, due to the reasonable placement of the outdoor units, the overall appearance of the building will not be damaged.

  E. High-efficiency and energy-saving: Modular host is adopted, and the cooling capacity is automatically adjusted according to the setting. Reasonably install air-conditioning in the daytime and night living areas, indoor and partition control, each indoor and independent operation, and adjust the air in each area separately.

  F. Quiet operation: The installation method of the main unit and the indoor unit is separated, and the air supply and return system is designed reasonably to ensure a quiet home environment.

  G. Flexible and convenient: According to user needs, one device can be switched to provide air-conditioning for two environments.

  H. Heating operation is adapted to local conditions: centrally heated hot water can be used, or small wall-mounted gas water heaters can be installed as energy sources, and hot water coils can be used for winter heating. You can use a heat pump air conditioner for heating. When the heat is insufficient, use a gas water heater and hot water coil to heat.