Rock Wool Features

- Sep 05, 2019-

The rock wool strip is made of high-strength rock wool board cut into a specific structure, so it has high compressive strength and excellent fire resistance. As a filler for rock wool sandwich panels, rock wool strips provide good fire resistance for wallboard and roof slabs. Various types of products produced by chemical quick-drying adhesives and mechanical curing technology have made important contributions to the creation of a safe, high-quality exterior wall with good temperature insulation and sound insulation.
Sound Absorption / Sound Insulation: The open structure of the rock wool strip provides excellent absorption/sound insulation.
Fire resistance: This product is tested as a non-combustible product using the ASTM E-136 standard.
Compressive strength: The rock wool strip is processed from the profiled sheet, and the fiber is upright in the assembly line process, so it can bear high load.
5%: pressure resistance >25Kpa; 10%: pressure resistance >40Kpa.
Moisture resistance: The rock wool strip is waterproof and has a good ability to release water vapor pressure to the roof structure.

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