Round air diffuser vent register

- Sep 05, 2019-

Small circular diffuser

 It is used for cold and warm air supply. It is often installed on the ceiling. The airflow characteristics are of the lower delivery type. The air outlet is unique in shape and small and exquisite. The air supply size for the smaller room with lower ceiling is selected by the user.

Adjustable swirl air supply

 The tuyere can be adjusted according to the change of the air conditioning load in the room, and the air supply effect can be achieved by adjusting the air supply angle of the blade. The adjustment of the blade can be completed by manual or electric device, and the static pressure box has a side opening or a top opening. Kind, the interface is circular. It is suitable for industrial plants with a height of 3.8m or more, banquet halls, opera houses, large conference rooms, etc.

Live strip strip diffuser

  It has its unique design, can make various shapes according to the decoration requirements, and each set of slots can store two adjustable pieces, which can control the direction and size of the airflow. It can be made into multiple groups or single groups according to requirements. This air outlet should not be too Wide, the size is selected by the user.

Strip straight diffuser

  It can be used for indoor and circular distribution of return and return air, and can be installed on the side wall or ceiling. The zui large continuous length L can be made 3m. For the tuyere that requires a larger length, two or more sections can be used together. There must be a plug-in board at the seam. The diffuser can also be formed into an arc shape. The length direction dimension and various segment shapes, that is, a single segment, that is, a single segment, a tip segment, and an angle segment.

Spherical adjustable air outlet

  It is used for post air supply, the air supply direction can be adjusted, and the air volume can be adjusted.

Orifice air outlet

  Compared with the single and double louver air supply ports and the square diffuser, the orifice air supply port has the characteristics of uniform air supply and fast speed attenuation, which eliminates the uncomfortable straight air blowing feeling.

  After the air enters the voltage-stabilizing layer from the air duct, the static pressure of the voltage-stabilizing layer acts on several circular holes in the tuyere panel to enter the room, and the hole on the orifice plate can also be used for voltage stabilization. The orifice air supply port is generally installed on the ceiling of the ceiling and is blown downward.

Ceiling return

 It is punched and formed by hard aluminum plate, which is often used for lobby decoration and return air. It can be processed into different fancy according to user requirements, and can also be used with filter.