Single layer aluminum air grille

- Jul 28, 2020-

There are mainly two types of single-layer louver tuyere materials: steel and aluminum alloy. It is often used for suction and air supply in pipelines. At the same time, it can be equipped with a multi-leaf split dispatch valve according to the actual situation to control the air volume or the aluminum alloy filter of the equipment for supporting use. The blades can be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. They can be moved around or rolled up and down to control the direction of airflow.

The key to the selection of single-layer louver tuyere: The primary control parameters of the single-layer louver tuyere are the type, material, standard, outlet wind speed, total pressure drop, and airflow range. Key points for selection: According to project characteristics, required airflow organization type, scheduling function and air supply method, select the corresponding single-layer louver tuyere type.

According to the required air volume, within the allowable wind speed range of the single-layer louver tuyere neck, determine the required tuyere standard. For example, when judging the standard of a single-layer louver tuyere according to the wind speed of the tuyere, the useful area rate of the tuyere should be considered (generally 30%~60%). Check the primary technical functions of the selected single-layer louver tuyere, such as range, pressure drop, noise target, and wind speed and temperature difference in the work area. Determine the arrangement equipment method of the selected single-layer shutter and the connection method with the air duct.

The key to single-layer louver tuyere construction and installation: check the mechanical function of the single-layer louver tuyere before installation. The movable parts of the single-layer louver tuyere are required to move freely, with uniform damping, and without jamming and loosening. Products with adjustable or detachable guide vanes require convenient and reliable dispatch and disassembly, and no looseness after positioning. The exterior surface of the single-layer louver vent should be flat, the blade distribution should be symmetrical, the color should be the same, and there should be no significant scratches and indentations.