Some problems when installing the AC vents

- Jun 23, 2020-

When arranging air-conditioning vents, the difference between the inside and outside of the air-conditioning should be considered. The air-conditioning load of the room in the inner area is small and the change range is not large, and the air-conditioning effect is easy to achieve. In order to match the decoration design of the building, the airflow organization of the room in the air-conditioning area can be slightly worse than that of the room in the outer area.

Check the export wind speed. The outlet wind speed of the slot-shaped tuyere should be checked. If the length of the static air supply box is too short, it will bring obvious blowing feeling to the people working under the slot-shaped tuyere.

Slotted tuyere installation problem. The total width of the narrow side of the slot-shaped tuyere is only 150 mm or 200 mm, the folding edge is very small, and the size of the ceiling opening must be accurate. When designing slot-shaped tuyere, it is necessary to avoid super-long slot tuyere, which are all connected one by one.