Spot jet diffuser in airport

- Mar 10, 2020-

The spherical nozzle is mainly used in the environment where the air-conditioning air outlet is far from the range of movement of the personnel. When the area of public places (such as various assembly rooms, etc.) is large, the ceiling air outlet can not be used to evenly deliver air or the effect is not achieved. In this case, a spherical nozzle should be installed to supply air on the side. When the temperature difference between the supply air and the room temperature is constantly changing, the supply air flow will shift upward (cold air) or downward (hot air).

        Due to the optimal aerodynamic nozzle structure design, the spherical nozzle achieves ideal noise control, and because of its excellent shape design, it can be used in concert halls, airports, theaters, museums and other advanced places. The direction of the air supply can be adjusted manually on the spot, and it can also be electrically swung within the range of ± 300.

        Electric control system can be provided according to user needs.

        1. The spherical nozzle has the characteristics of long air supply distance and low noise, and is mainly used in high-level places requiring cooling and heating. The air outlet can be adjusted at any time by manual or electric actuators to adapt to temperature changes. The maximum angle that the air outlet can be adjusted upward or downward is 30 °, and the corresponding model with manual adjustment can be adjusted 360 °.

        2. There is a spherical nozzle in the exhaust hood of the air outlet, and it is also equipped with a windshield ring and a rear pipe, which can be directly installed on the circular air supply pipe.