Swirl air diffuser in HVAC system

- Oct 13, 2020-

The swirling air outlet sends out a rotating jet, which has the characteristics of large induction ratio and fast wind speed decay. It can be used for large air volume in air conditioning and ventilation systems, and large temperature difference to reduce the number of air outlets. It can be installed on the ceiling or ceiling and can be used within 3 meters. With low space, two types of heights can also be used for large-area air supply, and the height can even reach more than 10 meters. Swirl vents can be installed in public places with a large floor height (such as industrial plants, airports, theaters, bank business halls, etc.), or indoors with a floor height of ≥380m (such as conference rooms), especially suitable for delivery Places where the wind temperature difference changes from -10K+15K.

swirl air diffuser