Swirl Tuyere is an important part of air conditioning system

- Aug 24, 2018-

Now central air conditioning equipment and use more and more, central air conditioning does not take up space, beautiful, and the function is better, in a lot of occasions got use. The air outlet in the air conditioning system is the key effect.

In a duct delivery system, air must be quantified through a given shape, area, and wind direction in order to move air evenly to each air-conditioned room. In order to get used to different decoration methods, air supply methods and air distribution requirements, there are many types of tuyere. The commonly used tuyere includes louver air supply outlets, diffuser air outlets, strip air supply outlets, orifice air supply outlets, egg format air date, disk diffuser, fixed louver air outlets, self-hang 100-blade tuyere and other forms.

Tuyere raw materials can be divided into steel, aluminum alloy, hard plastic. No matter what kind of fan is chosen, it should have the characteristics of beautiful modelling, compact structure, convenient device, convenient cooperation with decoration project and reasonable air flow organization to satisfy ventilation requirements.