The 18 core components of the air conditioning system that HVAC people should know 01

- Jun 27, 2019-

1. compressor

According to the compression method, the volumetric compressor can be divided into two types: piston type and rotary type. The rotary type can be further divided into a rolling piston type, a sliding type, a single screw type, a twin screw type, and a scroll type. The speed compressor is centrifugal.

From the perspective of the structure of the compressor, the compressor can be divided into an open type, a semi-closed type and a fully enclosed type. The spindle of the open compressor extends out of the body and is connected to the prime mover via a transmission (drive belt or coupling).

The structure of the hermetic compressor is that the motor and the compressor are integrated and installed in the same body, so that the shaft sealing device can be eliminated, and the possibility of leaking the refrigerant is avoided.