The application of aluminum air grille in fire risk

- Apr 03, 2020-

The aluminum alloy air vent is generally installed on the pipe of the mechanical smoke exhaust system, which is normally open. When the fire temperature in the smoke exhaust pipe reaches 280 degrees, it is closed, and it meets the requirements of smoke leakage and fire integrity for a certain period of time. It acts as a barrier against smoke and fire. The following introduces the knowledge of aluminum alloy air vents: 1. Uses: 1. The aluminum alloy air vent valve is normally closed, and it is manually or automatically opened during a fire. When the air temperature reaches 280 ° C The temperature sensor is activated and the valve is closed. 2. The aluminum alloy air vent valve can be closed by DC24V power supply. 3. Manually closed or manually reset. Openable air return port 4. DC24V electric reset after closing. 5. Output aluminum alloy air vent valve Close signal can be interlocked with other fire protection equipment. 2. Advantages: 1. Low leakage of aluminum alloy air outlet and good air tightness. 2. Low current consumption of electric opening. 3. Strong anticorrosive performance of aluminum alloy air outlet and long service life. Long. 4. Flexible actuator driving. Accurate feedback and interlocking signals.

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