The difference between glass wool and rock wool in production process

- Apr 24, 2019-


1. Fireproof materials Glass wool production process:

Centrifugal Fireproof materials glass wool is made of glass as the main raw material and then mixed with other various auxiliary materials according to a certain ratio and then sent to the glass melting furnace for full melting. The melted solution is discharged through the leakage plate and enters the centrifuge. Driven by a high-speed centrifuge, the centrifuge rotates the glass into a thin glass flow. Under the action of a high-temperature, high-speed flame, the glass flow is further stretched into fibers, and then an atomized binder is applied. Under the action of the negative pressure wind, the fiber with the resin binder adhered to the moving mesh belt to form a uniform cotton felt, and then the curing process was completed by the thermostatic curing oven. The product was shaped and cut after being shaped. Order the product and then pack it. 


2. Rock wool products are made of fine basalt as the main raw material. After high temperature melting, the inorganic fiber is made from high-speed centrifugal equipment, then special adhesive and dustproof oil are added to the felt by the swinging belt and the fiber arrangement structure is changed by special equipment. Finally, a new lightweight insulation material made by curing and setting. According to different purposes, it can be processed into rock wool board, rock wool seam felt, rock wool shell and other products.