The difference between single layers air grill and double layers air grill

- Nov 06, 2019-

The difference between the two includes: the single-layer louver tuyere can be used not only as the air supply port but also as the air return port, and the double-layer louver air outlet can only be used as the air supply port; when the single-layer louver air outlet is used as the air supply port, it is used together with the regulating valve, and the double layer is used. It can also be used, but when the single-layer louver tuyere is used as the return air outlet, it can be made into an openable structure and used together with the filter screen.

The main difference between the two is that the single layer can only adjust the wind direction up and down, while the double layer can adjust the wind direction up and down and left and right.

The above is a related introduction to the difference between the two. Although each has its own advantages and disadvantages, in daily applications, I hope that everyone can choose the product that suits them.

What are the characteristics of single-layer louver outlets?

1, single-layer adjustable blade, can get different air supply distance and different diffusion angle

2, can be used as air supply and return air

3, optional aluminum or iron production

4. Use with the regulating valve separately for the air supply port

5, can be made into an open structure for the return air, and used with the filter

What are the characteristics of the double louver tuyere?

The double-layer louver tuyere is one of many air outlets. Different air outlets have different characteristics. The double-layer louver tuyere is mainly used as an air supply port in the air-conditioning system. According to the relevant use requirements, the air volume regulating valve (the herringbone valve can be arranged behind the tuyere) ), the double-layer louver tuyere has two layers of mutually perpendicular pieces to adjust the angle of the horizontal and vertical sheets, and adjust the airflow diffusion surface to change the range. The outer frame width of the tuyere has two kinds of wide borders and narrow borders, which can be used for Special requirements in the ventilation system. Its characteristics are:

1. The double layer can adjust the blades to obtain different air supply distances and different diffusion angles.

2. Can be used as a ventilation port.

3. You can choose aluminum to make.

4. Can be used in conjunction with a regulating valve.