The installation issue of HVAC air diffuser

- May 08, 2020-

Before setting, all components of aluminum alloy ceiling diffuser should be inspected. Whether the components are complete, whether the direction of the impeller and the casing are consistent, whether the joints are inseparable, whether the life-critical components such as the impeller, the main optical axis, and the needle bearing are damaged. Is the transmission group flexible? If there is any problem, it should be repaired and transferred immediately. Pay attention to the slot of the main shaft V-belt wheel and click the V-belt wheel to echo with each other, and put on the rubber paste.

 After installing the aluminum alloy ceiling diffuser, test whether the transmission group is normal, and make sure that there will never be problems such as over-tightening and fixed local collisions. If you find the fault, you can mobilize it to a stable state. I hope you will pay more attention when installing the aluminum alloy tuyere to avoid loss.