The installation of air outlets

- Jul 28, 2020-

When installing the central air conditioner, pay attention to the arrangement of the air outlets, which has a direct impact on the effect of the central air conditioning air outlet. Our staff need to perform according to certain installation standards, the specific operating standards are as follows.

1. Selection of air conditioner terminal equipment. After the room in the outer area of the air conditioner adopts the slit-type tuyere, due to the restriction of the architectural shape, the unevenness of the airflow organization of the air conditioner is greatly increased, and the air supply effect is not as good as the diffuser. Generally, it is simplified as direct air return from the ceiling, and the air-conditioning load increases accordingly. Therefore, if conditions permit, consider increasing the model of the air-conditioning fan coil or VAV box.

2. When arranging the air vents, consider the difference between the inside and outside of the air conditioner. The air conditioning load of the inner room is small and the change is not large, and the air conditioning effect is easy to achieve. In order to match the architectural decoration design, the air distribution of the air-conditioned inner room can be slightly worse than the air-conditioned outer room.

3. Check the outlet wind speed. The outlet wind speed of the slotted tuyere should be checked. If the length of the air supply static pressure box is too short, it will bring obvious blowing feeling to people working under the slotted tuyere.

4. The installation problem of slit type air outlet. The total width of the narrow side of the slit-type tuyere is only 150 mm or 200 mm, the hemming is small, and the size of the ceiling opening must be accurate. When designing the slotted tuyere, avoid excessive length. Super-long slotted tuyere is connected section by section.