The installation of central air conditioning diffuser

- Mar 06, 2020-

Installation is also a very important part of the central air-conditioning air diffuser. Generally speaking, the air outlet must be installed in advance, that is, the cover must be installed before painting, so even if the wall is messed up, there is not much problem, and the shutters and the wall There must be a certain gap between them. After installing the air outlet and painting, the gap inside can be filled, so that integration can be achieved. Cautions for installing central air-conditioning air vents 

1. It is best not to install a light trough at the air-conditioning air vents. It is easy to block hot air from reaching the area where people move, which affects the heating effect.

2. According to experience and experimental data, the horizontal louvers are adjusted to 45 degrees during winter heating, which is the most suitable angle. Too high or too low may affect the heating effect. 

3. The central air-conditioning outlet has a large air outlet, which is easy to accumulate dirt and affect the air-conditioning temperature and aesthetics of the central air-conditioning. Users should regularly clean the central air-conditioning outlet to keep the air outlet clean and ventilated.