The main points of use of single-layer louver

- Apr 14, 2020-

single layer grille

The selection of single-layer louver tuyere is the key: the single-layer louver tuyere selects the primary control parameters of the tuyere type, material, specifications, outlet speed, total pressure loss and air flow range. Type selection key: According to the project characteristics, the type of airflow organization required, the adjustment function and the air supply method, etc., select the corresponding single-layer louver air outlet type.


According to the required air volume, confirm the required size of the air outlet within the range of the wind speed allowed by the neck of the single-layer louver air inlet. If the size of the single-layer louver air outlet is confirmed according to the air velocity of the air outlet, the effective area ratio of the air outlet (generally 30% to 60%) should be considered. Check the primary skills and functions of the single-layer louver tuyere selected, such as range, pressure loss, noise target, and wind speed and temperature difference in the work area. Confirm the arrangement method of the selected single-layer louver tuyere and the connection method with the air duct.


Single-layer louver tuyere construction and installation key: The mechanical function of the single-layer louver tuyere should be checked before installation. The moving parts of the single-layer louver tuyere are required to move freely, damp evenly, without jamming or loosening. Products with adjustable or detachable deflectors require easy and reliable adjustment and disassembly without loosening after positioning. The decorative surface of the single-layer louver tuyere should be smooth, the blades should be well-proportioned, the colors should be consistent, and there should be no significant scratches or indentations.