The washing of deflection air grilles

- Sep 29, 2020-

Removal of the remaining cleaning agent: The double-layer louver tuyere is greatly affected by direct sunlight due to its intended use. Residual cleaning agent will constitute cleaning agent pollution, it is necessary to completely remove it. Things to be aware of when you are boring: The double-layer louver tuyere blades cannot be completely boring when closed. The outside and inside of the leaves are painted, if they are not dry, scaly peeling will occur. The water droplets on the outside of the leaves should be removed, and then completely dry. Otherwise, round stains will occur.


   Make-up lubricant: When the double-layer louver tuyere is washed with a cleaning agent, the lubricant is washed off due to the action of the surface active agent. After boring, it is necessary to refuel the pulley part in the chassis. Commercially available CRC-551 lubricant spray can be used for refueling. Note for operation: The double-blade tuyere blades are getting thinner and thinner (0.22~0.15mm). Be careful not to break. Also pay attention to the stopper of the cable. The blade cuts the fingers from time to time and it is necessary to wear gloves.


   Waste liquid treatment: It is necessary to fully consider the treatment of waste liquid after the double louver tuyere is cleaned. Punctuality protection: The double-layer louver tuyere is generally dust-removed once every six months and thoroughly cleaned once a year. For the mechanized cleaning of vertical and rolling double-blind tuyere, manual operation is still the main method.