Troubleshooting method in hvac system 02

- Apr 04, 2019-

After the host power connection is completed, after the controller is installed, the control panel has a display (yellow light is on) but the host cannot run:

1. Disconnect the power from the main unit, open the access panel, clean the internal filter of the main unit, and clean the inner compartment of the filter.

2. Insert the round hole on the control panel with the ejector pin (host reset button), and turn on the power on button to turn on the controller.

Third, the host power supply connection is completed, after the controller is installed, there is friction sound in the host during operation:

Disconnect the main unit power, open the main unit access panel, remove the main unit filter, and have a benzene plate cover on the inside of the turbine to check if it is rubbed against the turbine. Gently twist the benzene plate cover by hand so that it does not stick to the turbine.

Fourth, the host can not be turned on, jump after power-on:

After the host is completed, the power is turned on and the power is turned off immediately, and the internal line of the host is faulty. Remedy: Remove the host and replace the same model host.

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