What are the fittings for the ventilation ducts?

- Aug 24, 2018-

Ventilation pipe accessories are mainly: if it is a common plate air pipe, then its accessories are Angle code and check code.

If it is a Angle tube, then its accessories are Angle flange or galvanized flange.

Purpose: 1. Ventilation pipe fittings, which play a stabilizing role. 2. Strong oxidation resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance on the surface. 3. Simple operation and convenient installation.

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The factory has other main products such as:

1: fan series: fire exhaust fan, positive pressure fan, mixed flow fan, roof fan, axial flow fan, fan box, etc

2: air valve series: fire valve, smoke exhaust fire valve, smoke exhaust valve, smoke exhaust port, electric regulating valve, manual regulating valve, check valve, positive pressure air supply port, plate type smoke exhaust port, airtight valve and butterfly valve, etc.

3: tuyere series: double-layer louver tuyere, single-layer louver tuyere, grille louver tuyere (warm air cover), self-vertical louver tuyere, diffuser, rainproof louver tuyere, horseshoe blade vane and access. The material is aluminum alloy.

4: pipeline series: common plate air duct, Angle steel flange air duct. The material is galvanized sheet.

Flange series: Angle steel flange and galvanized flange, beautiful appearance and easy to use.