Bubble Wrap Aluminum Foil

Bubble wrap aluminum foil
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Mainly utilizes the low emissivity characteristics of aluminum foil and the air bubbles of the backing and the closed pores of the foam. The heat is mainly transmitted through the light and air. The aluminum foil can reflect up to 97% of the light and also has a good moisture-proof effect. The closed pores of the bubbles and foam can effectively block the air circulation and have good sound insulation. which performed. These insulation materials are light, easy to install, non-toxic and tasteless, and are widely used in housing and factories, and can be used on roofs, walls, floors and pipes. In recent years, more and more fresh food transportation and express delivery have also chosen such insulation materials.




Aluminum thick

7 micron

Bubble size

10mm * 4mm ( Diameter * Height)

Bubble weight

0.13 Kg/m²


0.03 ~ 0.04 COEF


95~97 %

Water vaportransmission

0.013 G/m²KPA

Service temperature range

-40 ~ + 80 ℃

Linear Shrinkage





No cracking

Mold and mildew

No growth

Fire rating

Class A / Class 1


Max width: 1.50m

Length: accordingto customer request

Bubble diameter: 6mm, 10mm, 12mm, 20mm, 25mm

Aluminum Bobble Foil (1)

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