glass wool wall insulation

glass wool wall insulation

Product introduction of glass wool wall insulation FANRYN centrifugal glass wool wall insulation are made for large laying area. Beside the character of thermal insulation, it also has the performances of shock absorption and acoustical isolation, especially for middle or low frequency sound, which can...
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Product Details

Product introduction of glass wool wall insulation

FANRYN Glass wool wall insulation belongs to a category of glass fiber, which is a man-made inorganic fiber. The main raw materials are quartz sand, limestone, dolomite and other natural ores, and some chemical raw materials such as soda ash and borax are used to melt into glass. In the melted state, the flocculent thin fibers are blown by the external force, and the fibers and the fibers are three-dimensionally intersected and entangled with each other, showing many small gaps. Such gaps can be regarded as pores. Therefore, glass wool can be regarded as a porous material with good thermal insulation and sound absorption properties.

Product parameter of the glass wool wall insulation





Bulk density



GB/T 5480.3-1985

Average fiber dia.



GB/T  5480.4-1985

Water content



GB/T 3007-1982

Grade of combustibility

Non-combustible Grade A

GB 8624-1997

Preshrinking temp


GB/T 11835-1998

Thermal conductibility



GB/T 10294-1988




GB/T 10299-1988

Moisture rate



GB/T 16401-1986

Sound absorption coefficient

1.03 product reverberation method 24kg/m32000HZ

GBJ 47-83

Slag inclusion content



Product application of glass wool wall insulation

1. Heat preservation of wall

2. Heat preservation of steel structure

3. Indoor partition wall

Product feature of glass wool wall insulation

1. Steady thickness recovery, our glass wool blanket can be rebounded to its original thickness within 24 hours after opening the vacuum packing

2. Steady thickness and color uniformity;

Production details of the glass wool blanket


Production Facing For glass wool wall insulation

Foil-Scrim-Kraft Facing

Alum Glass Cloth Facing

Fiberglass Tissue

Production packing of glass wool wall insulation

1. Vacuum plastic bag +woven bag

2. Vacuum plastic bag +woven bag +PE bag

Note: OEM is acceptable


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